Blog #1:Introduction to GreenPad Academy

Demonstrating GreenPad Academy at the SEE Change conference held at the Royal Academy of Arts, 2016
What is GreenPad Academy?

GreenPad Academy, a product of GreenPad Enterprise, is an award winning and accredited training initiative dedicated to providing sustainability training and practical experience as well as insights to businesses and young individuals to become greener, sustainable and profitable. It wants to also serve as a platform showcasing businesses green credentials to serve as a model of change to other businesses to toll sustainability paths.

What is its mission?

GreenPad Academy wants young individuals and businesses to improve themselves in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable way by acquiring practical and theory-based management and leadership skills as well as knowledge and experience in sustainability related issues and consequently contribute to sustainable development.

What does it do?

It provides accredited training programmes to businesses and young people in sustainability and a behaviour change platform to encourage businesses and young people to embrace sustainability.

How does it benefit users?

GreenPad Academy will be of benefit to users in several and different ways.

Businesses can enrol its staff members on the business sustainability courses, thereby empowering them with the tools, knowledge and expertise to improve sustainability in the work environment and consequently helping the business to improve its green credentials and save operating costs. Also, businesses will be reviewed and supported to adapt sustainability into their operations through a customised plan.

Student and individual users can enrol or be enrolled by a third party to gain knowledge and skills in sustainability for the contribution to sustainable development and the development of innovations that can set them on the path to profitable entrepreneurial journey with global impacts, thereby making them profitable and socially active. Also, individual users will be supported with a personalised plan to help them put the skills acquired into practice and grow.

Both businesses and individuals can use the platform to learn about current sustainability issues.

Cinque Terre Written by Zakari Ajia, the founder of GreenPad Enterprise,

a multi award-winning sustainability focused company. He is passionate about sustainability.