BYND.ME Clothing Company, Canada

Zak is passionate about his field of expertise. He digs deep and accurately with an academic's approach.

- Founder

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Zak was very engaging and proactive. He has a good understanding of international development and environmental issues and in writing public/business impact reports.

- Academic

Shineful Co Ltd, US

Very passionate and knowledgeable about environmental topics.

- Manager

Permaculture Research Institute, Australia

Continues to provide quality, engaging content.

- Manager

Azon Finds, manufacturing company, Philippines

Very pleasant to work with and output is very high in quality. Very knowledgeable in sustainability issues.

- Manager

Charbot PTY LTD, France

You will not be disappointed- extremely professional.

- Claire Charters

Start to empower yourself and/or you organisation with knowledge of sustainable development