Learning With GreenPad Academy

GreenPad Academy is an accredited training centre offering management and leadership courses in sustainability to young individuals, students, and businesses.

Our mission is to provide sustainable development support to young individuals and businesses by providing them with sustainability- related courses that equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to develop, manage and improve sustainability in societies, enterprises and at workplaces to become greener and achieve sustainable growth. We currently offer two training programmes for individuals and businesses.

Current Courses (Coming Mid 2018)
Organisational Sustainability, Management and Leadership Programme

This programme is tailored to assist businesses to become greener by managing their sustainability impacts in order for them to gain a competitive advantage. Businesses will also be supported to implement sustainability within their operations and lead clean practices to save money and reduce their environmental impacts. In addition, businesses will be supervised to put into practice the skills and knowledge gained.

  • Global Sustainability and Sustainable Development
  • Business Energy, Carbon, Water, Waste, Resource and Travel Management
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Social and Environmental Impacts
  • Stakeholder Management and Sustainability
  • Business Sustainability Management
  • Business Sustainability Leadership

This course is tailored to equip young people with sustainability knowledge, social and green skills for their personal development. Participants will be trained to develop saleable solutions to 21st-century sustainability challenges and prepare them for social and green entrepreneurship

  • Global Sustainability
  • Innovation and Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  • Impacts Creation and Sustainability
  • Sustainability Innovation and Management
  • Sustainability Innovation and leadership
Youth Sustainability, Innovation and Leadership Programme
Businesses and individuals that are interested in assessing our programmes when launched should email, put the title of the programme in the subject line to join our mailing list.
Also, businesses or candidates that are interested in assessing our programmes when launched should email,put the title of the programme in the subject line to join the mailing list and they will be informed as soon as the programmes are live and officially launched
Upcoming Courses (Coming Late 2018)
Engineering Sustainability and Management
This course is designed to assist engineering businesses to manage their engineering operations using sustainability principles and practices. In addition, businesses will learn about sustainable development and the opportunities for growth and development within it.